May 2-3, 2018: International Anti-Aging and Integrative Medicine Society's 2nd International Conference

April 30-May 1, 2018: iAIMS Pre-conference seminar on Low Level LASER Therapy with Dr. Sergey Moskvin, Manila

April 5, 2018: PNP Lakas-Tulungan MUlti-Purpose Cooperative General Assembly

Nov 19, 2017: International Academy of Medical Specialists (IAMS) Inc. Convention, Manila

Nov 17-18, 2017: Philippine Academy of Medical Specialists (PAMS) Inc. Convention, Manila

Nov 16, 2017: Philippine Academy of Acupuncturists Inc. (PAAI) Convention, Manila

Oct 22, 2017: Undergoing and assessing every step of the wellness program of My Lohas Life with ARDK Health Profiling System, Taiwan

Sep 30, 2017: LASER lecture with representatives of Bioresis Sdn Bhd, Drs. Leila de la Llana & Jenny Madamba, and Sr. Assunta Leong, Manila

Aug 14-15, 2017: International Anti-Aging and Integrative Medicine Society (iAIMs) Intravenous Therapies Workshop, Manila

July 2017: Starting ARDK and trace elements research with Dr. Anatoly Skalny, Anastasia Skalnaya and Katya at Center for Biotic Medicine, Moscow

July 2017: Integration of ARDK through Alexander Puzankov and Kardi through Alexey Linnik, Moscow


June 26-29, 2017: 16th International Symposium of Trace Elements in Man and Animals (TEMA), St. Petersburg

June 15-16, 2017: International Anti-Aging and Integrative Medicine Society (iAIMs) First Medical Conference, Manila

May 28, 2017: Filipino Traditional & Integrative Health Association Inc.'s (FTIHAI) 5th Convention, MNL

Jan. 2017: ARDK Training with Andrey Kuznetsov and Olga Shishaeva, Moscow Region


Dec. 30, 2016: LASER Training with Dr. Sergey Moskvin and Dr. Lyudmila , Moscow


Dec. 24, 2016: ARDK training start up at Dr. Chang's Health Management Center, Taiwan


Dec. 27, 2016: Elemental Hair Analysis business exploration with Oksana Skalnaya, Taiwan


Oct. 2, 2016: EHF Contract FInalization with Dr. Alexander Kozhemyakin and Olga Tserbel, Beijing

July 23, 2016: DWXI 1314 kHz (AM radio) El Shaddai guesting with Dr. Sonny Viloria and William Myers


July 22, 2016: Aksyon TV5 HealthLine with Cheryl Cosim, William Myers, Dr. Sonny Viloria

July 20, 2016: 846 kHz (AM radio) Radyo Veritas guesting with Joey Collantes, WIlliam Myers and Dr. Sonny Viloria


June 23, 2016: Healthy Natural sa Radyo guesting for ARDK, I.V. LASER and LASER bulbs, Manila


April 14, 2016: DWIZ 882 kHz Lunas Extension guesting with Dr. Sonny Viloria, Manila


April 13, 2016: Intravenous LASER Seminar for AKesis Holistic Health, Manila


Jan. 31, 2016: Health Seminar and Check Up using ARDK, Tarlac City


Jan. 15, 2016: Health Seminar and Check Up using ARDK, Cagayan De Oro City

Jan. 14, 2016: Health Seminar and Check Up using ARDK, Davao City

Jan. 2016: El Shaddai radio guesting, DWXI-AM 1314 kHz with Dr. Sonny Viloria


Nov. 27-28, 2015: International Ayurveda, Yoga and Wellness Convention

Nov. 24-25, 2015: Philippine Institute for Traditional and Alternative Health Care (PITAHC) Convention

Nov. 19-20, 2015: Preventive Regenerative and Integrative Medicine Association's (PRIMA) 1st Congress

May 28, 2015: EHF Technology Seminar for the College of Medicine of Bicol University, Legazpi City


June 2014: ARDK and Kardi mall and barangay center exhibit for Solar Biotech Inc., San Fernando, Pampanga

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