Millimeter Wave Technology

Millimeter Wave (MMW) / Extreme High Frequency (EHF) Technology

The birth of the millimeter wave therapy device

One of the most important contributions of Russian scientists to the general treasure of knowledge during the last two hundred years is the research in the field of natural and artificial electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and their influence on the environment on earth, on biological objects and on human beings. Russian scientists discovered the major role of low intensity EMR in biological systems.

Our ancestors received EMR at day time in the form of sunlight, while at night received moonlight and the light of the stars. Between 30 and 300 GHz, there was no natural radiation from space on earth.

But with the advent of technology, we now have EMR from television, radio, telephone and cable lines, internet, cellular devices and other electronics and towers everywhere affecting our body’s own frequencies.


AK Tom®

AK Tom® , developed by Alexander Kozhemiakin, is an intercellular, biofeedback communications device that uses a crystal called an oscillator/emitter (Gunn diode). The emitter communicates with the body’s cellular structure using millimeter wave technology. AK Tom® is based on over 30 years of research conducted in Russia and has proven itself to be so effective that it is approved as a medical device, class CE2A, and it is used extensively by doctors, hospitals and clinics.

The uniqueness of Spinor devices lies in the fact that they use the modern technical means to realize the ideas of oriental medicine.

The concept of applying EHF radiation for treatment unites the construction of eastern medicine and modern quantum-mechanical models that are adopted all over the world, in particular, constitute the theoretical basis of homotoxicology and the modern German school of homeopathy. Eastern medicine considers the human body as a combination of material and energy, which corresponds to the basic postulate of quantum mechanics about the duality of matter.

Universal MMW and EHF

In the regime of   EHF-therapy or millimeter wave therapy, AK Tom® reproduces the signals of a healthy cell and causes the diseased cells to return to the correct operation, tuned in resonance with external radiation. Low-intensity (informational) exposure gives a pronounced physiological effect without heating the tissues and structural changes with minimal energy expenditure.

The AK Tom® unit transmits frequencies in the range of 40GHz to 80GHz, which correspond to the intercellular communication frequencies. When the crystal is applied to the body, especially at the acupuncture points, communication is passed directly to the brain. This gives the brain the opportunity to compensate for problems such as pain or healing, etc. This function can also be used to structure water, i.e. to produce better water quality that is more easily absorbed and utilized by the body for the various biochemical processes it does.

BRR® Therapy

The first, and the one that distinguishes AK Tom® from every other biofeedback device on the market, is its ability to record and re-emit information from any source which resonates frequencies.

AK Tom® produces an electromagnetic spectrum identical to the electromagnetic spectrum of the affected area, which then performs the role of an antibody. In other words, when electromagnetic frequencies exactly the same as those of a pathogen, or infectious agent, are emitted back into the body at the point where they were just recorded, an effect of a vaccination, or therapeutic result is achieved.

In the middle of 1990 Russian physicists made an important discovery: semiconductor materials which are able “to remember” high-frequency signals. It is a technology, which has been used exclusively in the defensive industry, and for years only the most “profound” world research groups have managed to master it. Using the properties of semi-conductor structures which have this memory ability (gallium arsenide), a “photo” of the electromagnetic frequencies of a pathogen (an agent that causes disease), is recorded into a special emitter (which acts like a flash drive on a computer). Then, once the emitter is disconnected from the device it begins to re-emit the same frequencies back into the person in the form of ultra low amplitude radio waves (called millimeter waves). Since the frequencies of the pathogen coincides with the frequencies that were recorded by the emitter, the influence on the human organism is absolutely exact, and the emitted frequencies begin to resonate with the frequencies of the pathogen. This resonance increases the amplitude of the harmonic oscillations, thus raising the energy level of the pathogen to a point where it cannot survive, and thus it dies.

Since only the pathogen with the exact recorded frequencies is affected and dies, the human organism does not suffer and therefore there are no side affects, for use of this device.

In homeopathy, it is said that “like cures like.” AK Tom® mirrors this teaching and works in much the same way. When a pathogen enters the body, the emitter records the pathogen’s own frequencies. It then sends back impulses of the same frequency and the pathogen perceives it as its “own” and resonates with it.

Due to the resonance, the frequency amplitude of the emission increases drastically and the pathogen perishes. Millimeter wave therapy stimulates the vital forces of the body and suppresses the development of harmful microorganisms.

Note: Despite emitting very high frequencies, the amplitude of these frequencies is very low. In fact, the amplitude of millimeter waves of the AK Tom® is one billion times lower than those emitted by a cell phone. In addition to the program used for recording, the AK Tom® has the ability to send out specific frequencies to correct imbalances throughout the body. In separate programs, areas such as pain relief, anti-stress, mouth and throat problems, heart and vascular problems, respiratory problems, stomach and intestinal problems, limb (arms and legs) problems such as arthritis, sexual organ problems such as prostate/ovaries, skin problems, and overall immune system problems are all addressed by the AK Tom®.

AK Tom® works directly on the area that has an issue. It’s ability to record frequencies gives it an unlimited capacity for usage. Tge information recorded can be stored for five (5) years if kept under certain conditions. The length of the treatment is dependent on how extensive the illness has progressed.

AK Tom


Millemeter wave therapy is a new revolutionary method in health care.
AK Tom is a handheld therapy instrument, introduced in Europe, the US and Asia from Russia where it has undergone 30 years of rigorous investigation, testing and documentation. This short-wave therapy device reproduces the signals of healthy cells and reverts sick cells to proper function through external radiation. The frequencies provide strong physiologic effect without heating the tissue or making structural changes with minimal energy necessary.

It has shown to be effective in the areas of immune system normalization, increased microcirculation, balancing the metabolism, reduces aging, reduces the healing time for persons that passed stroke and brain haemorrhages, decreases the healing time for wounds, and by bone fractures 2-3 times. It is used in cosmetics to remove warts, skin spots, skin fungus etc. also bacteria and parasites can be removed Is very effective in pain management, like pain in a joint, muscle pain, migraine, etc.

AK TOM is unique device and using modern technology that embodies the idea of oriental medicine combined with modern quantum mechanical models particularly homotoxicology and contemporary German school of homeopathy.
It is can also be used for electronic inoculations against e.g. tuberculosis, type C hepatitis, etc. AK Tom can be used by everybody and has no known side effects.

How does it work?

  1. The most unique function can be described as “electronic homeopathy”. A crystal, connected to the instrument, pick-up and record the electronic information from the cells in the problem areas, of the client. By playing back this information, a healing process is started. This feature is unique for AK Tom.
  2. Another function is to send out millimetre waves, the AK Tom emits frequencies in the region of 40GHz to 70GHz which corresponds to the intercellular communication frequency bands. By applying the crystal against the body and especially acupuncture points, the communication tracks towards the brain is opened. This makes it possible for the brain to balance problems like pain, healing, etc. This function can also be used to make the water structured, which makes a better quality of the water.
  3. In addition,the carrier frequency (40GHz – 70GHz) can be modulated with selectable organ frequencies. This improves the effectiveness considerably. There are 10 such modulated frequencies, pre-programmed for different areas, for example Anti-stress, Respiratory, Digestive problems.

AK Tom is battery powered and emits frequencies of very low power.

Advantages with AK Tom

Quality guarantee by the CE certification as medical instrument (Class CE2A).
It is easy to handle, can be used by everybody also at home.
Quick, effective pain management.
Good complement with other methods.
Many studies already performed.
Low price.

11 Modes of AK Tom:

  • 1 — «universal» EHF-mode;
  • 2 — mode of «record» for the subsequent BRR®-influence;
  • 3 — stressful conditions*;
  • 4 — therapy of the throat and larynx*;
  • 5 — therapy of the cardiovascular system*;
  • 6 — therapy of the respiratory organs*;
  • 7 — therapy of the endocrine system and digestive organs*;
  • 8 — therapy of musculoskeletal system and connective tissue*;
  • 9 — therapy of the urinogenital system*;
  • 10 — therapy of the skin and subcutaneous fat*;
  • 11 — operating mode on BAP*; * – these modes should be used by specialists or under the supervision of medical specialists only.


How to apply MMW / EHF Therapy?

a. Bioactive zones (BAZs) or reflex zones
b. Bioactive points (BAPs) or acupuncture points
c. Energy centers or chakras
d. Local areas or sites of where the health problem/s is/are located


AK Tom mini

AK Tom Mini   (out of stock)

“AK TOM mini” is a miniature portable millimeter wave therapy device with changeable oscillators with only 3 modes of operation instead of the 11 that the AK Tom has. It is much simpler and easier to use for most families.

3 Modes of Operation

Mode 1: Universal EHF, 5 minutes. Easy to work with the biologically active points (acupuncture points), and may use the internal oscillator/emitter at the top of the device marked .

Mode 2: Background Resonance Radiation (BRR), 1 minute. It is used to record information on the oscillator/emitter.

Mode 3: Universal EHF, 10 minutes. It is used in all other cases.

This device is designed to be used by common persons and should be supervised by physicians. The presented list does not limit indications for use the apparatus, but each particular case should be preceded by consultation by an attending physician to determine the final diagnosis and exclude individual contraindications. With difficult diagnoses, the initial course of treatment demands obligatory control and/or specialist participation.

Recommendations for Medical Procedures

EHF-therapy has a mild sedative effect, which in the case of individual sensitivity to EHF radiation can lead to sleepiness and attention decline. In this case, you should limit the performance of work requiring concentration, including the control of the vehicle immediately after the procedure, or to carry out the procedure before going to bed. It is not allowed during a therapeutic procedure to use a mobile phone or other wireless communication devices. It is not allowed the simultaneous use of different types of emitters. In chronic apparatus processes applied to the painful area long - up to 24 hours. In acute diseases, and extensive pathological foci rewriting is recommended several times a day. The impact made on each individual pathological focus. Therapy is conducted before the disappearance of the pathological process. In the treatment of the pathological process in the home, affecting the projection of bodies follow the doctor’s advice. Treatment of diseases of carrying a serious danger to the patient’s health, carried out exclusively under the supervision of a physician. In this case, the treatment apparatus “spinor®» is an additional tool in the conduct of complex treatment. Treatment of diseases regulated clinical material. Before using the device, you must consult your doctor.


AK Tom Mini  EHF-therapy method is effective for the treatment of many diseases, especially in the complex therapy: peripheral nervous system diseases; diseases of the autonomic nervous system; substance abuse; diseases of upper respiratory tract; diseases of the cardiovascular system; disease of the lungs and pleura; diseases of the gastrointestinal tract; diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue; diseases of the musculoskeletal system; gynecological diseases; urological diseases; pain of any localization; articular pathology; diseases of the spine; wounds, burns; allergic diseases accompanied by skin manifestations; childhood diseases: idiopathic scoliosis in children and adolescents, atopic dermatitis in children.  EHF-therapy and EHF-therapy with background resonance radiation (DFI®) combines well with other types of treatment (surgery, medication, physical therapy, homeopathic). In some cases the use of EHF-therapy as a self-help: for the prevention and treatment of early stages of SARS, treatment of pain syndromes, etc.

Medical Procedure Contraindications

  • undetermined diagnosis;
  • individual intolerance to this type of therapy;
  • pregnancy;
  • presence of implanted devices with autonomous power supply, such as a pacemaker and the like.
AK Tom Air

AK Tom Air  (phased out)

AK Tom Air is a medical device recommended for everyday use. It is designed to protect a person from the adverse effects of man-made electromagnetic fields. It is a source of low-level background waves or background resonance radiation (BRR) and electromagnetic waves of extremely high frequency (EHF) range.

EHF affects the body as a whole, consistently improving the condition of the tissue cells of organs. It regulate the distribution of the energy required for normal metabolism of the body, which eventually leads to an increase in physical performance.

AK Tom Air is a miniature EHF apparatus. It uses only one mode, “universal EHF in free mode”. This mode is similar to the Mode 2 (Recording Mode) of AK Tom LCD and AK Tom Mini .

AK Tom Air is designed to protect people from the adverse effects of man-made electromagnetic fields of telephones, computers and other unfavorable factors by helping the body cope with or adapt to the consequences of excessive exposure to electromagnetic waves.

Indications for use

  1. diseases of the peripheral nervous system;
  2. diseases of the autonomic nervous system;
  3. narcological diseases;
  4. diseases of the ENT organs;
  5. diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  6. lung and pleura diseases;
  7. diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  8. diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue;
  9. diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  10. gynecological diseases;
  11. pain syndrome of any localization;
  12. articular pathology;
  13. diseases of the spine;
  14. wounds, burns;
  15. allergic diseases accompanied by cutaneous manifestations.

Why do I need AK Tom Air?

  1. Helps to neutralize the consequences of the negative impact of the surrounding electromagnetic fields (cell phones, computers, household appliances, heaters, high-voltage power lines, etc.)
  2. Relieves various pain syndromes
  3. Prevents the development of diseases
  4. Promotes increased immunity
  5. Increases working capacity
  6. Reduces fatigue
  7. Increases stress resistance
  8. Improves sleep
  9. Increases the productivity of sleep

Mechanism of action:

When the device is switched on (LED blinks), the radiation of EHF in the BRR regime, which is inherent in an alive healthy cell, is produced. When the device is exposed to the blood flow or the organ projection zone, a breakdown of blood clusters occurs. It structures the water vapor in the air, creating dynamic clusters, identical to those that are present in the human body. Structured clusters of water vapor transform into secondary “micro-emitters” operating in the millimeter range.

AK Tom Air will not create a protective shield around the person or reduce cell phone waves. The radiator/emitter/oscillator uses a unique technology. It captures the spectrum of the surrounding electromagnetic frequency in the millimeter wave range, including all its spectral components, and re-emits it, harmonizing the surrounding space. It is based on the property of EHF waves that “tidy up” the structure of liquid media, “blurring” the effects produced by the surrounding electromagnetic field. And further, the device maintains the characteristics of its radiation for a long time (until the next use or switch-on).

It can also “record of the electromagnetic spectrum” of the body, followed by a re-emission to help the body cope with the levels of eleromagntic waves in it.

Harmonious fields has a positive effect on the environment and man’s inner world, his state of health and activity.

Mode of application

AK Tom Air is recommended to be worn daily on the wrist, the center of the back of the device must be in tight contact with the place where the pulse is felt, thus, the radiator acts on the bloodstream.

Its miniature size allows you to wear the device on the wrist for daily use in any environment; at home, at work, en route to your destination, in sporting activities, etc. When a person gets into a powerful electromagnetic field (in the decimeter ranges), the device turns on automatically. Within minutes it neutralizes the effects of high frequency electromagnetic fields and affects the blood flow through the radial artery (on the wrist, where the pulse is), while continuing to purge the blood of dangerous electromagnetic waves in free mode (breaks up clumps or splits the clusters, which are formed under the influence of electromagnetic radiation, prevents vasospasm, improves the flow of oxygen into the blood and increases the elimination of toxic substances).

Good examples are when you call a subscriber on a mobile phone of if the device enters the coverage area of the network Wi-Fi (with which in many public places organized access to the Internet), in the subway during the departure and stop the locomotive, near power lines, as well as the other equipment with frequencies above 1000 Hz. The device may switch on.


Millimeter waves emanate only from the back side of the device facing the radial pulse. They form harmonizing vibrations, contributing to the rapid restoration of adaptive responses of cells.

When AK Tom Air is turned on, it does two things: it uses BRR to record the information in your blood, meridian points and surrounding tissue, and it emits EHF to harmonize/synchronize the hydrogen bonds in every living cell it comes into contact with for one minute. When the indicator light turns off, the back side re emits the recorded information allowing your body to adjust to be able to counter what it needs to. Shedding more light into this, AK Tom Air can alternatively be used as an electronic homeopathy device to record limitless kinds of information including your medications, supplements, herbs, organ conditions or areas in pain. It can then be used to re emit those information and stimulate the body to act accordingly lesseing your need to take in  oral medicines, supplements or herbs to address certain health conditions. It can also be used to structure water for drinking, watering plants or for your pets.

Why place the device on the wrist?

According to Chinese medicine meridian theory, there are three meridians running along the wrist: (1) the heart meridian, which is responsible for mental health and function of the cardiovascular system; (2) the pericardial meridian, which helps maintain normal heart function; and (3) the lung meridian, responsible for normal functioning of the respiratory system. These three points from the “Golden Triangle”, is responsible for calming, stress reduction and stimulation of sleep.

The package includes (elastic):

  • ApparatusAK Tom Air
  • elastic strap
  • instructions for use

The package includes (silicone):

  • apparatus AK TomAir
  • instructions for use

The device can be supplied in three colors (red, blue, yellow). The color of the case does not affect the technical parameters of the device and s selected at the request of the customer.


  1. with an unidentified diagnosis;
  2. with individual intolerance of this type of therapy;
  3. during pregnancy;
  4. if the patient has implantable devices with autonomous power, for example, an artificial pacemaker and the like.


  • The device has a built-in emitter №4 (yellow).
  • Weight -15 g.
  • Power supply: battery type CR2032 (hour battery).

The warranty period is 1 year.


Research has established that our bodies communicate first bio-electrically and then bio-chemically (Lipton, 2008).

In nature there are many electromagnetic fields that have no adverse effect on our bodies, That is because natural fields are either temporally constant (same frequency) or spatially constant (same shape), but not both. On the other hand, manmade signals by necessity for communication are both temporally and spatially constant. According to Dr. Carlo, with prolonged exposure, these constant signals can cause the protein vibratory receptors located on our cell membranes to go into resonance (Carlo, George, 2009).

Once in resonance, the cell must determine whether the “signal” is a biological communication or a foreign invader. If the latter, as is the case with all man-made signals, then the cell will react by going into sympathetic lock in order to protect the cell from this perceived invasion. Sympathetic lock prevents the cell from taking in nutrition and releasing toxins.

It is well-established that exposure to any abnormal electromagnetic field produces a stress response. If the exposure is prolonged, the stress-response system becomes exhausted, and the competency of the immune system declines to below normal. In such a state, animals and humans are more susceptible to cancer and infectious diseases (Becker, 1990).

Electromagnetic smog literally covers humanity with an invisible electromagnetic cap , which becomes denser and more dangerous.
Note that though the discussion here is about healthy cells, other cells within our bodies, such as viruses and bacteria, will also respond as if under attack and proliferate in order to survive.


Additional reading:

Electromagnetic Hygiene 12 Easy Steps: How to create a cleaner electromagnetic environment at home and at work

Dolphin Therapy Pendant

Dolphin Therapy Pendant

Dolphins share many of its natural characteristics with humans: its unique combination of natural and high intelligence, its need for communication, the ability to communicate through waves, the use of non-verbal communication, and gaming behaviors. Dolphins are one of the brightest symbols of the very first creations, on planet earth. This in itself creates a very unique, strong, and positive intersecting bond, between humans and dolphins, and at that intersecting point, of real perception, creates a powerful healing factor. Perceptions given off by dolphins already possess a psychotherapeutic effect.

Dolphin therapy possesses extremely effective therapeutic effects, for overall general health, developed by the company “Spinor” of Tomsk, Siberia, the Dolphin Pendant utilizes a crystal resonator emitter.

The beneficial effects on humans, with Dolphins, were discovered as far back as 1978, by scientists in the UK. Currently, the United States ranked the first, in application of Dolphin therapy, for medical practices, while Mexico ranked second, and Germany ranked third. There are about 3000 centers of Dolphin Therapy in the world today.

Over the past 30 years, numerous studies around the world on the impact of these mammals on human health has been scientifically proven as an undeniable fact.


What is Dolphin therapy and in what areas of medicine is it used in?

Dolphin therapy is growing in interest, due to its amazing positive effects with pain, depression, withdrawal, and overall improvement of children’s learning. It was also discovered that the positive changes in a person’s brain activity, was due to improving the synchronization of the slow waves, of the brain hemispheres. Other discoveries were the positive hormonal mechanism impacts it caused, and there is much physiological evidence to support basis of such effects.

Dolphins are like people, with similar elements such as cardiogram and composition of blood, body temperature, and comparable weight of the brain. Mammals can feel the characteristic of vibrations emitting from life sources and inflow of vital energy, all with their bio-fields. Additionally they possess the ability to remove stress even amidst severe negative emotions a person may have.


Cases which Dolphin Therapy is used in:

Patients with early child autism; Down’s syndrome and other genetic diseases; minimal brain dysfunction, a syndrome with attention deficit hyperactivity; functional disorders of central nervous system; mental retardation (dependant on the severity of), speech and hearing disorders; hearing loss; neurosis, post-traumatic stress disorder; depressive disorder;  memory disorder, and learning disabilities.

High efficiency was achieved when treating patients with schizophrenia, including trauma victims.

Maximum efficiency of Dolphin Therapy are apparent with treatment of diseases associated with functional disorders of various organ systems of the body, metabolic disorders, and psychosomatic disorders.


  • Cerebral palsy
  • Early infantile autism
  • Functional disorders of the central nervous system
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Down syndrome
  • Brain dysfunction
  • language disorders
  • Decreased and hearing loss
  • Neuroses, stress
  • Depressive disorders
  • Alzheimer’s Disease

The specified contraindications, oncological diseases and epilepsy all have in common that these patients do not want to go in a swimming pool.

What can Dolphin Therapy do?

It acts as a sensory stimulator, activating the work of brain structures, and the whole human body, as a whole.

In addition, it encourages verbal expression, contributing to the development of speech and sensory movement in children, with autism and children with low intelligence, as well as encouraging the development of personality.

And finally, it fills the shortage of positive emotions, in a person, and can also provide support to children and adults, facing loneliness.

Using the BRR® technology it´s possible to record information of dolphins. This was realized in the Dolphinarium of the town Hurghada in Egypt.


What makes the Dolphin Pendant unique?

Dolphin Therapy shows everything: It can be used for a simple improvement of a person’s overall state (physical and mental), as well as serious solutions to complex health problems. The reason for this is due to the dolphin’s very powerful bioenergetics skim, which is a field, related to human beings, as well.

The difficult aspect of the use of Dolphin Therapy is the high cost (10 days about $2,000) associated with being in physical contact with dolphins and the requirement to travel to the location that can offer the therapy. Another difficulty is that many patients can not swim.

However, the company Spinor, made a breakthrough associated with Dolphin Therapy. Through a crystal resonator emitter, one can record any wave information. Highly technical methods to ensure an adequate transfer of information from the dolphin to the crystal resonator emitter were made at the ocean aquarium of Sevastopol, with over 40 years of experience in dolphins.

Now it has become possible for everyone to attain Dolphin therapy, without leaving their home or even while at work. The effectiveness of the crystal resonator emitter has been proven to work.


When using the crystal resonator emitter two simple rules must be taken into account:

*Carry the crystal resonator emitters 3-4 hours a day.

* Listen to its feelings which are being emitted.

Crystal resonator emitter can be worn as a necklace pendant on the sternum or any other troubled area, or a pin as a brooch on clothing.

The pendant can be used individually and in groups. It´s recommended for elderly patients to start with 5 min. (for adaptation to the high frequencies) and then extend the treatment up to 3 hours per day. The overall treatment time should not exceed 3 weeks. One can put the pendant under your pillow over night. If necessary, one can repeat the treatment after a week break.


Using the “Dolphin” pendant one can achieve a gradual improvement of the balance of the nerval system – neuroses and depression disappear, mood swings become more balanced, sleep improves, workability increases, fatigue threshold is higher and memory is enhanced.

The service life of the crystal resonator emitter is unlimited!  But never expose the crystal resonator emitter to high heat or water.

The application of the “Dolphin” pendant is an version of the Dolphin Therapy, effective and affordable for all.


How does a millimeter wave therapy function?

It is well known that the body consists of cells, and that each cell acts like a factory which receives nourishment, oxygen, and disposes of waste products. This is done through the membranes of the cells. The membrane charge is 60-90 mV, (millivolt). If the strength of the cell’s charge is above or below that amount, the cell is acting with less capacity. The millimeter wave instrument produces the same frequencies as the membranes of the cells. When the frequency makes contact with the body, a resonance is created which reinforces the vibrations of the cell. In essence the millimeter wave instrument increases the charge of the membranes of the cell. The charge is kept steady with the help of the millimeter wave frequencies.

When these frequencies are changed, the charge is changed and the functions of the cells accordingly. This is the first effect of the influence of the millimeter waves.

A second effect is related to receptors. Every cell has receptors which receive information externally. If the receptors have reduced sensitivity to hormones and signal substances, the cells are ineffectual and less efficient.

A receptor can be more or less active. The millimeter wave instrument activates the receptors so that they become more sensitive and receive information more efficiently.

The third effect of the millimeter wave instrument is improvement of the overall communication between cells. The human body consists of 10 raised to the power of 16 of cells. In order to have such a complicated system function without disturbances, a certain mechanism to synchronize the functions of the body is needed. SPINOR modulates the frequencies of the body within the affected area, and acts as a synchronizing mechanism. In addition it restores the «health rhythm” of the body which was lost during the loss of health. In this way the internal system of “information flow” is protected.

One of the strong effects of the millimeter wave instrument is the dilution of the blood. This is of great importance particularly for elderly people. Millimeter waves are spread throughout the body by extra cellular liquids, skin receptors and energetic meridians, via its resonance, restores the vibrations of the membranes. This improves the functions of the cells and their communications.

What are the effects of millimeter wave therapy?

The method has undergone clinical tests for many years, with proven efficiency. The tests show that «independent of any kind of illness,” the millimeter wave instrument creates a normalizing effect on the parameters of the immune system, increases microcirculation, balances the metabolism of the body, prevent the development of diseases and the transfer of acute diseases to become chronicle, slows down the aging process which in effect prolongs the  lifespan of an individual, lowers the risk for oncological diseases, increases the efficiency of medication and reduces their toxicity and side effects, shortens the period of treatment, improves the health status for patients with heart strokes, and speeds up the healing of fractures by two to three times and has an undisputed pain-relieving effect.

As the millimeter wave instrument activates the receptors of the cells, creating sensitivity to the hormones enzymes, this allows the total benefits of cosmetic treatment to naturally take into affect, stimulating the skin, in addition to reducing wrinkles. The skin becomes less moist as we age; however by strengthening the cell membrane and improving blood circulation, natural occurrence of the skin’s moistness, can be restored.


Yellow Oscilator – with a broadband noise spectrum Gunn 43 – 78 GHz (4,9-7,1 mm) (EHF)

  • Suitable for any organ system as it overlaps the entire spectrum of resonant frequencies in the EHF-band
  • Can be used together with the red, green and blue oscillators/emitters with simultaneous operation on two channels;
  • Can be used for recording information; suitable for therapy with background resonance radiation BRR or Mode 2 of AK Tom and AK Tom Mini
  • The yellow oscillator can be used in place of any
    colored oscillator
  • Structures water


Red Oscillator (No. 1) – 40-43 GHz (7.5-6.977 mm) (EHF); for immune modulation, blood and blood forming organs

  • improves microcirculation;
    • improves blood formation
    • reduces tissue hypoxia by increasing tissue oxygen saturation by 4-6 times
    • reduces blood viscosity by eliminating the adhesion of red blood cells and other blood cells
    • promotes detoxification of the body
  • has a rejuvenating effect
    • promotes stem cell maturation
  • accelerates wound healing
    • promotes resorption of scars
  • has analgesic effect
  • has an antispasmodic effect


  • to increase endurance and concentration in the conditions of increased physical and mental stress (in sports medicine for increasing endurance and for schoolchildren and students in training)
  • to prevent the development of strokes, heart attacks
  • in the complex treatment of the consequences of strokes, heart attacks;
  • to accelerate the regeneration processes in the treatment of wounds, including postoperative, in the treatment of fractures
  • for the normalization of the blood counts for recovery after chemotherapy and radiotherapy, during rehabilitation after severe diseases and physical exertion
  • to improve cerebral circulation
  • in cosmetology to improve skin nutrition
  • in the complex treatment of stress and chronic fatigue syndrome


Green Oscillator – 53 GHz (5.6 – 5 mm) (EHF); for repair and regeneration of biological structures

  • improves the quality of lymphocytes and lymphodynamics;
  • accelerates the process of removing toxins from the intercellular fluid;
  • promotes detoxification of the body;
  • accelerates wound healing, promotes tissue regeneration and repair;
  • promotes resorption of scars;
  • activates the function of the bone marrow;
  • increases the resistance of the body
  • has anti-edematous effect;
  • has anti-inflammatory effect;
  • has a pronounced analgesic effect;
  • has an immunomodulatory effect.


  • in programs for body cleansing;
  • to accelerate the regeneration processes in the treatment of wounds, including postoperative, in the treatment of fractures;
  • for the normalization of the blood formula for recovery after chemotherapy and radiotherapy;
  • in the period of rehabilitation after severe diseases and physical exertion;
  • for the normalization of immunity in acute and chronic diseases;
  • for improvement of lymphatic outflow with lymphostasis (edema) of various genesis, including in inflammatory processes;
  • in cosmetology to improve the drainage function of the skin;
  • for the removal of intoxication of any origin (alcoholic, narcotic, food, chemical, for serious diseases).


Blue Oscillator – 63 GHz (4.9 mm) (EHF); for coagulation, mobilization of intracellular matrix, endocrine glands

  • restores the structure of the endocrine glands;
  • restores the work of the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous system;
  • improves the conductivity of the pulse along the nerve fiber;
  • promotes the regeneration of cells of the nervous system;
  • has an immunomodulatory effect.


  • in the complex treatment of diseases of the endocrine and nervous systems;
  • in neurological practice;
  • in the treatment of allergic diseases;
  • in the complex treatment of varicose veins;
  • in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • in programs of correction of a condition at a climacteric syndrome;
  • in the complex treatment of autoimmune diseases;
  • for the correction of mineral-calcium metabolism.

Downloadable Databases of Studies Exclusive for Spinor Devices

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