Kardi (ECG + Dispersion Mapping)

Kardi is a 6-lead ECG system that performs examinations while sitting or lying down for 30 seconds with the use of four external electrodes on the hands and legs.

Kardi is not a computer ECG interpreter. It is an innovation for microalternation ecg detector-device. This device is intended for forward reliable detection of hidden pathologic states of myocardium. It also gives a posibility for heart state monitoring in every day life. Kardi analyzes micro fluctiations of cardiogram (ECG) for creating conclusions as short recommendations with three numerical indicators and visual heart portrait. This feature makes conclusion clear for any person without special knowledge in cardiology.

Kardi gives the ability for any person who owns a computer with internet access to control the state of the heart. This advance dramatically transformed the quality of life and extended the life expectancy and reduce the risk of heart problems.

Kardi and all it’s modifications are approved for use in Russia (Certificate of Conformity) and in European Union (Certificate EuroCAT GmbH / CE 0535).

Both adults and children can be examined by Kardi.  Kardi used in more than 200 children Health Centers in Russia.

While developing Kardi in 1996-2003, the verifications of this device was performed on the scientific bases Das Deutsche Herzzentrum Berlin (DHZB) and Scientific Research Institute of Clinical Cardiology of A.L.Mjasnikova in Russia. After that Kardi patricipated clinical trials in Scientific research institute of clinical cardiology of A.L.Mjasnikova and in Moscow Regional Research Clinical Institute of M.F. Vladimirskogoо. These clinical trials were most representative trials, included verifying methods such as 12-lead ECG, echocardiogram, tomography, radiography and angiography examinations. After that 35 differnet clinics patricipated their independent clinical trials and compared Kardi conclusion with results of other surveys. More than 5500 patients were examined in these surveys. Also more than 8000 patients were examined in these surveys with clinic verifications of their deviations. Last 8 years we developed and installed more than 10 versions of Kardi software. Each new version included accumulated and clinic verified experience of all surveys. is a 6-lead ECG system.


The Technology

Kardi® provides a better level of diagnosis with its improved sensitivity levels that can detect early warning signs that would normally be invisible with standard ECG devices. The system can dramatically cut the costs associated with the detection of ischemic heart disease and will prove to be an invaluable testing device for cardiologists, physicians, clinics, hospitals, the fitness industry, sports teams, emergency facilities and general public.

Kardi® depicts disease or stress levels as a 3D image supplementing the tracing of the electrocardiogram. The system evaluates the stability of current heart conditions. It is highly portable and provides a rapid analysis in 30 seconds. The device is connected through the Internet to the central server that converts the electric conductivity of the cardiac tissue into a three-dimensional, color-coded and easy-to-interpret visual portrait. This heart portrait allows customers and physicians to observe the condition of the heart muscle and the intensity of the heart stress load quickly and easily.


Effectiveness of device usage

The time of obtaining the conclusion is 1-3 minutes, examination is performed without taking off patient’s clothes in the sitting position and indexes of sensitivity and specificity to ischemic heart disease exceed 80%.

For comparison: mean ECG-12 sensitivity to IHD is only 30…40%. The latter means that more than 60% of occult or pre-clinic forms of developing ischemic heart disease at present are not elicited by methods of standard ECG analysis and require applying other expensive methods of investigation (CAG, myocardial scintigraphy, etc.).

Kardi® is intended for quick identification of heart performance abnormalities.

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