AleXorA BioMedical Technologies Inc. is a conception of the love for science and technology of Alexander Puzankov (Alex) and Maria Lora P. Abrenica (Lora), hence the name AleXorA.

Alex is a Russian physicist and software engineer knowledgeable in quantum physics and equipped with years of experience with Russian medical technologies. He invented ARDK in the 1980s and founded ARDK Co. Ltd. in Zelenograd, Moscow, Russia in 2006 and ARDK Health Technology Co. Ltd. in Taipei, Taiwan in 2012. He is the brain and source of ideas and his contacts are the sources of technological advancements marketed by the company.

Lora is a practicing biologist and nurse with a flare for business. She registered the AleXorA BioMedical Technologies Inc. in Manila, Philippines on August 2015 and is the arms of the company responsible for the structural, technical and marketing aspects of the company making Alex’s ideas a reality.

Their tandem is the backbone of the company while other incorporators and business partners are aides in making a unified dream a masterpiece.


AleXorA BioMedical Technologies Inc. is the trusted leader in providing scientifically-proven safe and effective biomedical advancements as tools for life-changing benefits readily accessible to and affordable to the public.


Empowering people through access to and education in pro-active health management, biomedical technologies and techniques bringing about significant positive change/s in their lives and the lives of their loved ones.




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