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Because we believe in guided health management in the hands of the people. We empower you to become pro-active in your health management.

AleXora BioMedical Technologies Inc. is a provider of scientifically-proven safe and effective biomedical technologies that has a heart for creating life-changing benefits in the lives of ordinary people through medical information and technology. The company spreads health awareness through our partner inventors and our trained doctors, and provides devices that are affordable and easy to use, while upholding core values such as integrity, passion, social and environmental responsibility.

Join us on this rare event with Dr. Sergey Moskvin

Dr Sergey Moskvin, a pioneer of laser photomodulation, is the leading Researcher of The Federal State-Financed Institution “State Scientific Centre of Laser Medicine” since 2004. The main scientific direction is the study of the mechanisms of the biomodulatory action of low-intensity laser irradiation (LILI), the development of the most effective low level laser therapy methods. He has published more than 500 published articles, over 55 monographs and 35 patents for his inventions on intravenous laser.

Second Annual Conference of iAIMS
Stem Cells and Mitochondria : Secretes to Total Rejuvenation

On their Second Annual conference, they have come up with the topic that’s relevant to Integrative Medicine today. Reversing diseases by using stem cells and improving mitochondrial functions are the main topics of discussions even in conventional medicine.

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